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Free e-cards specially from Jane. She produces high quality e-cards and mobile phone cards that we know you'll love. These cards have been made with care and are special cards for special people. The cards are artistically and technically complex and will appeal to everyone. New cards are being added regularly.

Once you sign up, you can now send anyone as many free e-cards as you wish! You can also use our multiple cards send facility and our Birthday Alarm, so you need never forget a birthday again. Sign up now!


Jane Carr’s electronic e-cards are totally unique. Every card has been hand crafted personally by Jane. All her designs are individual.

As an artist and now a graphic artist Jane sees her work as a labour of love. After many years of designing and drawing for large advertising companies in the UK, she started building this site in 2006 and now works solely on this wonderful website.

There's something for everyone, and for every occasion, including birthday cards, Christmas cards, anniversary cards and many more.

Using flash animation we produce beautifully animated, musical e-greetings cards that are fun to send and receive. Jane believes they are the best e-cards on the Internet! Our online greetings cards appeal to everyone, so please send them to all your family and friends.

And don't forget our birthday reminder service to send our electronic greetings cards, its simple to join and only takes a minute. Never forget a birthday again! Check out our site for gift ideas.

Also coming soon will be mobile greetings cards to send to your friend’s mobile phones directly from this site. So join up today and receive notification of new cards and offers as soon as they arrive.